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Saturday, February 1, 2020

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Defly io 2020 Controls

  • Move by using W ,A ,S and D or the arrow keys.
  • Shoot by left-clicking. Hold the left mouse button to shoot continuously. It is influenced by the skills Bullet Speed (2), Bullet Range (3) and Reload Speed (4).
  • Build towers/dots by right-clicking or pressingSpace. Walls can be created by connecting two dots. Enclose an area to conquer it as your territory. Towers are influenced by the skills Build Distance (5), Tower Shield (6) and Tower Health (7).
  • Use your superpower by pressingShift or E. You get to choose your superpower when reaching level 20.
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Defly io 2020 GameModes

Details about the game modes in Defly 2020

There are three different gamemodes, FFA, Teams , Defuse and E-FFA.

In PvP you are alone against everyone - like the name says. Your goal is to conquer as much territory as possible. If you die, you will lose all your territory, but you will keep half your XP when respawning.

In Teams there are eight teams, Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Dark Green and Sky Blue, and each team has a maximum of six players. You cannot join a team that has six players, two players more than any other team, or more than 50% of the map. Like in PvP, you have to gain as much territory as possible and if you die, you will keep half your XP when respawning but the territory of your team will not disappear aside from a large explosion that destroys all your team's towers in a radius proportional to your level when you died. The radius depends on your level

In Defuse, you have to either plant a bomb or defuse it. There are two bomb spots that belong to team Blue, which has to protect them. The job of the Red team is to plant the bomb in one of those bomb spots and protect it until the game ends.
You can gain coins in all of those gamemodes.